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Oregon Auto Insurance-Driving Record

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I live in Salem, Oregon and I got in a car accident 4 years ago. I am trying to get new car insurance and I was wondering how many years back can the insurance company look at my driving record according to Oregon state law?

According to Oregon state law, an insurance company may only use the last 3 years of your driving record to determine your insurance rate. So if it has been more than 3 years since your last accident, the accident you had 4 years ago should have no effect on your insurance rate. Also, you may qualify to have your insurance premium lowered if you already have auto insurance.

Even though the insurance company cannot use any negative items on your driving record to determine your insurance rate, the Department of Motor Vehicles for Oregon maintains all motorist driving records. This includes all suspensions, revocations and cancellations of your driver’s license and convictions for any crimes or traffic violations.

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How to Get The Cheapest SR22 Auto Insurance

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In all cases Sr22 auto insurance is required when being convicted of a DUI or some type of drunk driving offense. In states that require an SR22, it is considered “High Risk” auto insurance.

Most common question I am asked!

How do I find cheap Sr22 Auto Insurance once I have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, and how do I go about doing this since Sr22 is considered “High Risk”?

How to Get The Cheapest SR22 Auto Insurance

This is actually very easy. Even though you have been classified as a High Risk, you still have options and the advantage of knowledge to get the cheapest SR22 rate. There are many companies that are willing to compete for your business which puts the power into your hands! The auto insurance companies understand that there a market for this type of insurance, so they have built their businesses to compete with one another. Below I am going to provide you with some tips and tricks to get started saving money on SR22 Insurance.

  • Start shopping for your SR22 insurance “Online”. This will give you the advantage of gathering many cheap quotes easy, fast, and simple. I recommend you start shopping at … Enter your zip code and it will calculate the cheapest Sr22 Insurance companies in your area!
  • The Quotes are totally free, so compare as many as you can to ensure that you are getting the best rate possible.
  • If you get rejected from any of these companies do not worry. There are many of them out there that want your business and will give you a great SR22 Insurance rate.

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Oregon SR22 Insurance

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I got a DUI and I live in the state of Oregon.  What exactly is SR22 insurance and am I required by the state to get this type of coverage?  What are the penalties if I choose not to get SR22?

SR-22 insurance is a type of high risk auto insurance policy that is issued by an insurance company and guarantees the state DMV that a person has the minimum insurance coverage required by that state.  A SR22 insurance filing is required for drivers that have received a DUI offense in order to get their license reinstated by the DMV.

According to the Oregon DMV you are required to have your insurance company file a SR-22 certificate with the DMV if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have been convicted of driving without insurance
  • You have been involved in an uninsured accident
  • You have failed to provide proof to the DMV that you have liability insurance
  •  At the time of reinstating your driving privileges following a DUI suspension
  •  You are applying for a hardship or probationary permit

Filing a SR22 certificate provides proof to the DMV that you are insured.  Oregon law requires you to keep a SR-22 in effect for 3 years from the ending date of a suspension which requires an SR-22 or for 3 years and 33 days from the date of a driving uninsured conviction.

If you let it lapse for any reason, the insurance company must notify DMV, and you must get a new SR22 certificate on file within 30 days or your license will be suspended. Compare Sr22 Auto Quotes for free at

Dallas Texas Car Insurance

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Dallas Texas Car Insurance

How can I get the cheapest auto insurance rate in Dallas, Texas for my 17 year old son?

This is a great question asked by many of my clients. Being a “Male” driver at the age of 17 years old can be tough to find cheap auto insurance, but there are ways to lower the cost.

1. Shop auto insurance companies online! You will always save a load of money by doing this.

2. After finding the right company, add your son to your policy. This will reduce his insurance rate significantly

3. Contact the Dallas, Texas DMV to find out if there are any restrictions that are placed for a driver under the age of 18.

4. Look into driving a older model vehicle that is paid for, generally car insurance companies will reduce your rate by doing this.

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Maine SR22

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Can insurance companies in the state Maine use your credit score to determine policy coverage?

Maine SR22 car insurance companies use this credit scoring system in order to rate your policy. Why? Statistics have shown that people who have less than average credit tend to file more claims, versus somebody who has above average credit. In theory, people who try to file false auto insurance claims in the state of Maine generally have bad credit, in turn individuals who have bad credit will pay more for their auto insurance policy.

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Women’s Car Insurance

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Why is women’s car insurance so much cheaper than insurance for a man?
Typically, this will last for a few years.Young adult men and teenagers are always considered a higher risk to auto insurance companies. Insurance company’s statistically over a period of time have seen more accidents among young male drivers under the age of 25 years old. Car Insurance companies consider this high risk auto insurance, in turn; they charge more money per month. Can we do anything about it? Yes, if you do fall into high risk auto insurance, you can shop different insurance companies online, and compare your free rate quote to see what company will give the lowest premium.

How can I prepare to pay less before I reach the age of 25?

Make sure you avoid getting into any accidents, speeding tickets, or DWI. All of these things will increase your insurance cost greatly and will be difficult to get off your driving record quickly. The longer your driving record stays clean, the bigger advantage you have when negotiating an auto insurance quote.

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Comparing Sr22 Insurance Rates

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Comparing Sr22 Insurance Rates

Readers Question: When my sr22 policy expires, should I compare my Sr22 insurance with other sr22 companies?

Yes, because SR22 insurance is considered a high risk type of insurance, the cost will always be higher. Comparing your current rate with other auto insurance companies that offer SR22 will always benefit you! The quickest way to start comparing your rates is by going to will enter the zip code that you currently live in, and then the website will find a list of Sr22 insurance companies that not only offer high risk insurance, but will fight to get you the lowest rate possible. This type of insurance shopping is commonly known as “Comparing Sr22 Quotes Online”. This will put you back into the drivers’ seat for an affordable price, and gives you the advantage to getting the lowest rate possible.

How a DUI Will Raise your Insurance

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How a DUI Will Raise your Insurance

A DUI conviction makes people want to cringe when they hear the term. After being convicted, it is inevitable that your car insurance rates will increase drastically. Statistically there is an alcohol-related traffic fatality in the USA every 29 minutes!  Other than the increased liability of killing yourself while driving under the influence, insurance companies penalize people who are convicted.

Most insurance companies do not check your motor vehicle record every year, instead once every 2-3 is more appropriate. In this case the insurance company will not always catch all tickets, accidents, or DUI convictions. However if your insurance company does find out about a DUI, you bet that your insurance rate will increase.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, how can you lower your insurance rates?  The fastest way to lowering your rates is to compare insurance quotes from different companies at

SR-22 Insurance in Colorado

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Do you need to file a SR-22 in the state of Colorado?

Each state has different rules and regulations, so it would be in your best interest to always call your local insurance agent to find out the exact details. Colorado does require a rider added to an insurance policy “SR-22” when convicted of a DUI. Do not get confused, an SR-22 form is not an insurance policy, but instead it assures the insurance company that you will keep insurance for that time being.

What if I do not want to pay for a SR22 policy?

Certainly, if you decide not to file for SR-22 and have been convicted of a DUI, the insurance company legally has to notify the Colorado Vehicle Motor Division, from that point on your license will be suspended!

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Cheap Sr22 Houston TX

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Looking for cheap sr22 auto insurance in Houston TX? We provide customers a way to compare free quotes online, so you can get the cheapest sr22 auto insurance rate in your area! In order to get your cheap sr22 you must start shopping around. A good site to compare sr22 quotes on is  .A good rule of thumb that keeps you paying the lowest price is to always compare sr22 rate quotes before your policy expires.

Tips on Lowering Auto Insurance

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Tips on Lowering Auto Insurance

The video below gives great insider tips on how to lower auto insurance rates through, good driving history, establishing a good relationship with your insurance agent, vehicle safety equipment, type of car your driving, etc.

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Compare Rates on SR22 Auto Insurance

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Comparing rates on sr22 insurance is the best way to get the lowest sr22 insurance rate. A Comapring rate with atleast 3-4 insurance companies is critical to saving money. Studies have shown that people who compare insurance rates on sr22 could save an average of $400 per year. Do not get fooled by local insurance agents that will try to trick you. Do your homework on your insurance, because if you don’t, be prepared to pay out of pocket big time!

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High-Risk Car Insurance Rates

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Normally people cringe when they hear such words said. High-risk car insurance generally means higher than average car insurance rates. Even though high-risk auto insurance rates are higher, there are some things you can do that will lower your cost instantly.

Some aspects that must be considered beforehand are gender and age. If you are a male driver under the age of 25, the cost of insurance almost doubles in price, depending on which insurance company you choose. At the same time, all teenage drivers are at a greater risk than adult drivers, and people living in an urban area verses a rural will always face higher auto insurance rates.

Depending on how long you have had car insurance will also become another factor. Insurers always like to see a long history of car insurance. Why does this matter? A few reasons, insurers for one thing want to make sure that they will get paid, and do not want to insure someone who will become a liability for them.

It will take time to lower your high-risk car insurance, but for the time being, you can do a few things that will instantly lower your rate. Look into driving an old model car. Also, look into a 4-door model car, insurance companies see 4-door model cars as a family vehicle verses sports car.

FREE Auto Insurance Quotes!

Free Auto Insurance Quotes!

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Compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies all over the USA! This gives you the advantage and opportunity to lower your auto insurance rate as much as $450 a year. Goto to get started.

Non-Owner Policy

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A non-owner policy simply means purchasing auto insurance without actually owning a car. In most situations someone, would be interested in purchasing a non-owner policy if they live in a large metro area where there are other forms of transportation, but often rent a car or borrow a friend’s. Non-owner policies are very cheap and affordable for most. Just a warning, make sure when you purchase this policy, you buy enough coverage incase of an accident. It is a common occurrence that most people have to pay out of pocket because they did not buy enough coverage.

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Free Sr22 Quotes

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Did you get caught driving under the influence? If you did, you need SR22 insurance. Why? Sr22 insurance is the only way to get your drivers license reinstated. We at want to help put you back into the driver’s seat again. Below we have provided some simple steps that will help you get the SR22 Filing process started.

1. Applying for a SR-22 form is simple This is the form that the insurance company provides, stating that you have auto coverage. In most states, Sr-22’s are mandatory for three years, and certain insurance companies have rules and regulation they must adhere to.

2. Finding a auto insurance company that will provide you with dirt cheap sr22 insurance! provides the cheapest sr22 auto rates. Enter your zip code to get started, and make sure that you compare with all of the available insurance companies that pull up for your area.

Looking For Sr22 in these states?

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If you live in one of these states below, you can find out if you qualify for our Cheap Sr22 Insurance price!

Sr22 Insurance Texas

Sr22 Insurance Arizona

Sr22 Insurance California

Sr22 Insurance South Carolina

Sr22 Insurance Connecticut

Sr22 Insurance Alabama

Sr22 Insurance Virginia

Sr22 Insurance Missouri

Sr22 Insurance Oregon

Sr22 Insurance Florida

Sr22 Insurance Kentucky

Sr22 Insurance Maine

Sr22 Insurance Tennessee

Sr22 Insurance New York

Sr22 Insurance Wisconsin

Sr22 Insurance New Jersey

Sr22 Insurance Mississippi

Sr22 Insurance Montana

Sr22 Insurance Iowa

Sr22 Insurance North Carolina

Sr22 Insurance South Dakota

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Sr22 Insurance Cost In South Carolina

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Do you have high risk auto insurance? Are you looking to file your SR22 paper work? Getting the cheapest sr22 insurance price is a must. The cost of Sr22 can be outrageous and can burn a hole in your wallet. have put together a huge list of insurance companies and the rates that they are currently offering. To find the cheapest rates on South Carolina Sr22, you should look at this website.


south carolina

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