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After my SR22 filing period is over, how long will it take for my insurance rates to go back to normal?

Normally, a DUI and SR22 filing will stay on your record for about 5 years.  Usually the SR22 filing period ranges from 2-3 years depending on the state you live in, so after this period is over the DUI will be on your record for another 2-3 years.  After the 5 year period is over, it is likely that your insurance rates will drop back down to normal. 

There are a couple things you need to make sure you do in order to get your insurance rates back down after receiving a DUI.  First, you need to try and keep a squeaky clean driving record.  I know it’s easier to say than do but avoid getting in any accidents, getting any tickets, and never let your insurance policy lapse. The quickest way to lower your insurance rates is to remain a good driver.  It might also be to your benefit to take a defensive driving class because that will look good to your insurance company.

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Cheap Florida New Car SR22 Insurance

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I am planning on buying a new car. What can I do to keep the cost of my Florida SR22 insurance down?

Well, when you buy a new car, it is likely that your SR22 insurance premium will go up, especially if the car you are currently driving is an older car that only has liability coverage.  When you finance a new car, you will probably be required to have full coverage auto insurance which is more expensive.

One good thing about buying a new car is that they usually offer very good safety features.  Insurance companies like cars with a lot of safety features, so this will help you get a cheaper SR22 insurance rate.  If you have a decent driving record, your Florida SR22 policy should not go up too much with a new car unless you buy a luxury car like a Mercedes or a Lexus. 

There are a lot of different factors that will determine your auto insurance premium, so it is always a good idea to do some research before you buy a new car to make sure you will be comfortable of the costs associated with it (car payment, gas, insurance, etc.)  I would recommend comparing SR22 insurance quotes from 3-5 different insurance companies to see who offers you the best rate. 

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Ohio SR22 Insurance Proof

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What will happen if I get pulled over by a police officer and I do not have proof of my Ohio SR22 insurance?

Well, it really just depends on why you cannot show proof of having SR22 insurance.  If you just forgot to put your SR22 insurance proof in your vehicle or you forgot it at your house, you will still probably receive a ticket, but you will be able to get the ticket dismissed by going to court and providing proof of your SR22 insurance. 

If you are driving without SR22 insurance because you never filed for SR22 or your policy was cancelled for any reason, this is a much more serious offense.  If your SR22 policy has been cancelled, it is likely that your insurance company has notified the Ohio DMV and your driver’s license will probably be suspended again.  If you have never filed for SR22, you are probably driving without a driver’s license which is illegal, and you will probably have a hard time getting your license reinstated.

Just to be on the safe side and avoid any unnecessary time in court, make sure you always have proof of your SR22 insurance with you while driving, and make sure you never drive without a license or proper insurance coverage.

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Illinois SR22

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I live in Illinois, and I got a DUI. Do I still have to file an SR22 if I only drive 1 or 2 days a week or less?

Yes, you have to file an SR22 certificate with your insurance company if you would like to have your driver’s license reinstated.  You cannot legally drive at all (not even 1 or 2 days a week) unless you have a valid driver’s license, so you don’t really have any other option but filing for SR22 insurance if you got a DUI and had your license suspended.

If you are worried about the cost of your Illinois SR22 insurance, there are a couple things you can do to get a lower rate.  First, if you only plan on driving 1 or 2 days a week, your auto insurance company will probably give you a discount for your low mileage.  Insurance companies base your rate off of how risky of a driver you are, and the fewer miles you drive per year, the less of a risk you are.

Make sure you compare quotes from a few different SR22 insurance companies to make sure you are getting the cheapest rate.

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Which States Do Not Require SR22?

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I got a DUI last week and I was wondering which states do not require an SR22 filing?

Every state has different laws surrounding SR22 and driver’s license reinstatement. Most states require an SR22 filing in order to reinstate your driver’s license after getting a DUI, but there are a few states that do not require and SR22. 

Here is a list of states that do not require an SR22 filing: New Mexico, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina.

Let’s say that you have an SR22 filing in Texas and you move to New Mexico.  You would still need to keep your SR22 filing in Texas until your filing period is over even though you do not live there anymore.

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Michigan SR22 Insurance

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I got a DUI in Detroit, Michigan and I need to get SR22 insurance. Will my SR22 filing raise the insurance rates for the other people living in my house?

Your Michigan SR22 filing should not have any effect on the other people’s policies in your home if they are on a separate policy.  If two people are on the same policy, this could Cheap Michigan Auto Insurancecause your rates to go up.  The best way to avoid this is to have the person file a separate policy so your SR22 premium will not cause their rates to increase as well.  If you must be on the same policy, you should ask your insurance company if there is any way for your SR22 to not have any effect on other driver’s rates in your household. 

If you are still trying to decide who to file your SR22 insurance with, make sure you do your research and find the cheapest insurance company possible.  SR22 insurance can be a bit pricey, but if you shop around and compare quotes, you should be able to find the best deal available.

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Hybrid Car Insurance

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I just bought a hybrid Honda Civic.  Will a hybrid vehicle lower my auto insurance premium?

There are a few insurance companies in some states that will give you a discount for insuring a hybrid vehicle.  Most companies might not though because insurance is based on risk and the value of the car.  Just because a car is a hybrid doesn’t mean that the replacement parts due to an accident are any cheaper than a regular car, so your auto insurance company has no real benefit for giving you a discount on your hybrid car.

Either way, I would recommend getting quotes from 3-5 different insurance companies to see if any of them will give any better rate for your hybrid vehicle.  The more companies you research, the better chance you will have of finding the cheapest rate possible.

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Connecticut SR22 Policy- Minimum Coverage

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 I am about to purchase a Connecticut SR22 insurance policy, what is the minimum coverage I need? 

Since you live in Connecticut and filing for a SR22, then you are required to have liability coverage for your car. If you don’t own a car, then you must purchase a non owners SR22 insurance policy. The amount below will specify exactly the amount of coverage you need.

Bodily injury liability: medical costs, etc., covers death and recovery expenses.

·  $40,000 per accident

·  $20,000 per person

Property damage liability: covers damage done to property.

·  $10,000

This is just the minimum comprehensive and collision insurance coverage that is required for a SR22 in Connecticut. The comprehensive part of the insurance covers you if you car is stolen or broken in to, collision covers you if you crash or crash into someone else.

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Illinois-How Can my SR22 Policy be Cancelled?

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What are some things that would cause my auto insurance company to cancel my Illinois SR22 policy?

Here are a few reasons that your insurance company would terminate your SR22 insurance:

1)    Getting another DUI: If, during your SR22 filing period, you get another DUI, your insurance company may decide to terminate your SR22 policy. Your insurance company many also decide to cancel your policy if you get into numerous accidents or get multiple traffic tickets.

2)    Missing or late payments: If you miss a payment for your SR22 insurance premium, your insurance company could suspend your policy.  Also, if you are consistently late making your monthly payment, the insurance company might decide to cancel your policy. To avoid this and the hassle that goes along with it, make sure you do everything you can to pay your SR22 insurance on time.

3)    Violating the terms of your policy: If you do anything that violates the terms of your SR22 policy, your insurance company can immediately cancel your policy.  It is important that you know all of the terms of your insurance agreement.

If you avoid doing any of these things, then your insurance company will most likely never have a reason to cancel your SR22 filing and insurance. 

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Florida SR22 Filing Period

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I got a DUI in Florida and I need to file an SR22.  How long do I have to carry the SR22 filing and from what date does the filing period start?

Every state has different SR-22 filing period lengths, but in Florida you are required to file an SR22 for 3 years.  In most cases, the 3 year filing period begins the day you actually file the SR22 certificate, not the day you get the DUI, but this can vary with different situations so you might want to call the Florida DMV and ask them what the official start date of your filing is just in case.

An important thing to remember is that you must not let your SR22 insurance policy lapse at any time during the 3 year period.  If you cancel your SR22 policy or your insurance company terminates your insurance due to non payment, the insurance company must notify the Florida DMV immediately.  If this happens, your license will most likely be suspended again.  If your license is suspended again, you must re-file the SR22 and your 3 year period will start over again from that date, so you should do everything you can to prevent your SR22 insurance from lapsing.

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Cancelled Ohio SR22

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What will happen if I cancel my Ohio SR22 insurance before my filing period is over? Will the DMV be able to find out?

You are required to file an SR22 and show proof of financial responsibility in order to have your license reinstated in the state of Ohio.  Basically, your insurance company files the SR22 certificate with the Ohio DMV to prove that you have the required minimum amount of insurance coverage.  The SR22 also requires your insurance company to notify the DMV immediately if your insurance policy lapses for any reason. 

If you cancel or let your SR22 policy lapse, your insurance company will notify the DMV and your license will be suspended again.  There is no way to cancel your SR22 insurance without the Ohio DMV finding out.  If you want to keep your driver’s license make sure you pay your insurance premium on time and do not let your policy lapse so you do not have to go through the hassle of having your license reinstated all over again.

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End of SR22 Filing Period Florida

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I live in Florida and have an SR22.  Will the DMV let me know when my SR22 filing period is over and when I can remove the SR22?

Every state has different laws about whether or not the DMV is required to notify you.  In some states, the DMV will notify you when you can remove the SR22 and in other states it is up to you to call the DMV and find out when your SR22 filing period is over.  Usually, the DMV will let you know when your filing period will be over when you first file your Florida SR22.

When your filing period is over, you need to contact your SR22 insurance company and let them know that they can remove it.  Your insurance company will then send a form called an SR-26 to the Florida DMV.  The SR26 lets the DMV know that your SR22 policy has been terminated.  Make sure you do not have your insurance company cancel your policy until your SR22 filing period is over.

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Connecticut Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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I live in New Haven, Connecticut and I got a DUI last week.  I need to file an SR22, but I do not own a vehicle of my own. I plan on borrowing cars from friends.  Do I need my own auto insurance policy?

In order to file an SR22 certificate in Connecticut, you must have basic liability insurance coverage.  If you do not own a vehicle but still plan on driving other people’s cars, there is a special type of insurance policy you would need called non owner insurance.  Non owner SR22 insurance in Connecticut provides insurance coverage for any vehicle you choose to drive, but it will not cover any vehicles that you actually own.

 This type of coverage tends to be a bit more expensive because the insurance company has no guarantee of what type of vehicle you are driving.  For all they know you could be driving a 15 year old Honda or a brand new Corvette, and they charge you higher premiums for this very reason.  If you have an SR22 filing and do not own a car, a non owner insurance policy is the best way to get back on the road.  Before you decide on an insurance company, make sure you get multiple quotes so you can find the best non owner policy for you.

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Hartford, Connecticut SR22 Quotes

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I live in Hartford, Connecticut and have an SR22 insurance policy.  My policy is coming up for renewal, and I was wondering if I should just renew with the same company or if I should consider going with another company?

Every situation is different and every person is different, so there is not one set answer for this question.  It is always a good idea to compare quotes from other auto insurance companies before you renew your policy to make sure you are not paying too much for your SR22 insurance.  Just because your company had the best rate when your policy started, does not mean they have the best rates now.  Your insurance company may still have the cheapest rates, they may not.

It is up to you to do your research to make sure you are getting the best rate possible on your SR22 insurance policy. I would recommend getting at least 3 SR22 quotes from insurance companies in the Hartford, Connecticut area.  This should give you an idea of whether or not you should stay with your current insurance company or switch over to another one.

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Removing Your SR22 filing – SR26

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I live in Texas, and I have had an SR22 for the required 2 years. Now that my filing period is over, how do I go about removing the SR22?

After your SR22 filing period is over, you need to contact your auto insurance company and let them know that you can remove your SR22 certificate.  Your insurance company may ask for proof from the Texas DPS to make sure you are allowed to remove your SR22.  Once you have notified them, the insurance company will then file a form called an SR-26 with the DPS letting them know that your SR22 has been cancelled. 

The process is pretty simple, but the key thing to remember is to make sure you are able to cancel your SR22 policy before you have your insurance company file an SR26.  If the DPS receives a SR26 form and your SR22 filing period is not over, your license could get suspended again.

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What is Liability Insurance?

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What exactly is liability insurance? What does it do for me?

Liability insurance protects your assets if you damage the property of others or cause injury to others with your vehicle.

*Property Damage Liability: provides coverage if you damage to someone’s property such as their mailbox or a fence with your car.

If you are legally responsible for an accident you may also be held responsible for medical payments, property damage, lost income, and even pain and suffering. If you’re required to pay more than your liability insurance covers, then you will have to pay the rest out of pocket. Your insurance usually tells you the amount coverage you have in a series of three numbers. For example:


1) The first number represents the maximum amount of money

that will be paid for bodily injuries to any one person.

2) The second number represents the total amount of money

paid for bodily injuries to all persons in an accident.

3) The third number represents the maximum amount paid

for damage to someone else’s property.

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Tips for Saving on Your Auto Insurance

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What can I do to save money on my auto insurance?

1) Get quotes from at least 3 different companies. Compare prices and services to find the best rate.

2) Before purchasing a car, research on if the car has a high accident or theft rate.

3) See if you can get a good deal by purchasing your home, auto, and any other insurance from the same company.

4) Increasing your deductible will increase the premium you pay.

5) Consider dropping collision insurance as your car ages. At one point your car’s repairs will become greater than the worth of your car so you might not want to insure it anymore.

6) Drive safely. A good driving record will lower your rates.

7) Check to see if you qualify for discounts such as:

*Good Driver

*Anti-lock brakes discount

*Restricted mileage discount

*Air bags discount

*Anti theft systems discount

*Good student discount

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What is SR22 for Teens?

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My teenage son got a DUI last month, and I have been told that I need to file an SR22. What exactly is an SR22 for teens and how much does it cost?

An SR22 is a certificate that you file with your insurance company and local DMV that proves that you have the state required minimum amount of insurance coverage.  You are required to file an SR22 for your teenager in order to have his driver’s license reinstated after getting a DUI.  The SR22 filing mandates that your auto insurance company notify the DMV immediately if there is any lapse in your SR22 insurance policy.

Teen SR22 insurance can be pretty expensive because your son is considered a high risk driver. There are a few things you can do to make this cost more bearable though.  The key is finding the right kind of car for your son, something that is economical and has adequate safety features. Stay away from luxury cars and sports cars because the auto insurance on those types of cars is outrageous. Also, check with your insurance company to see if they offer any student discounts.

Shop for quotes online and try to do as much research as possible to find the best SR22 rate for your son.  If you are interested in comparing quotes online for free, check out the site below:

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Tips for Saving on Student SR22

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I am a college student and I live in Connecticut.  A few months ago I was convicted of a DUI and had to file an SR22 certificate with my DMV.  The premium for my SR22 insurance is very expensive. Is there anything I can do to save on my student SR22 insurance?

Well, as a young person with less driving experience you are going to have to pay more expensive rates than most adults because you are considered high risk. Now that you have an SR22 filing in Connecticut, you premium is going to be even more costly, but don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to try to cut costs on your SR22 insurance and make your payment more bearable.

First, ask your insurance company if they offer any good student discounts. If you have a grade point average of a B or better, most insurance companies will give you a pretty nice discount on your SR22 insurance premium.  Also, if you are away at college and do not have your car out there with you, you might be able to save money that way too.  The less you are driving, the less of a risk you are and the cheaper your SR22 insurance will be.  

Make sure to call your SR22 insurance company and ask them what types of discounts they offer for students. Most insurance companies don’t just want to offer up discount so you have to take charge and ask for them. If you are considering looking for a new insurance company for your SR22 filing, make sure you look around and do a good amount of research. Comparing multiple quotes is the best way to find the cheapest SR22 insurance and there is less of a chance you’ll miss out on a cheaper rate.

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Cancelled SR22 Insurance Policy

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I live in Pennsylvania and have an SR22 insurance policy.  Last month I was a couple days late paying the bill, and my SR22 insurance company cancelled my policy.  The insurance company also notified the DMV of the lapse in my SR22 filing and now my license has been suspended. Why did this happen?

An SR22 filing requires your auto insurance company to notify the DMV in your state immediately upSR22 Insuranceon any lapse in your SR22 policy, so that is why your license has been suspended.  Some insurance companies allow you a certain grace period and will not cancel your policy if you only pay a couple days late.  Other companies don’t give you any leeway with your payments and cancel you as soon as a payment is missed.

There are a few things you can do to try to avoid having this happen to you again.  First, when you are initially looking for an insurance company for your SR22 filing, ask them what their policy is on late payments and whether or not they offer a grace period.  If you are consistently late paying all of your bills, you may want to set up an automatic payment from your bank account.  This will ensure that your insurance premium is paid on time every time. 

Remember, it is very important that you make every effort to pay your SR22 insurance on time because if your SR22 filing lapses at any time, your license can be suspended again immediately. 

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