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Can My Friend Borrow My Car?

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Is it ok to let my friend borrow my car even though she does not have car insurance? I have my own insurance policy for my car. Will she be covered?

That just depends on your insurance policy. Normally, auto insurance follows the car, not the driver, so your car would be covered even if she was driving.You need to read your insurance policy or call your insurance provider just to make sure though. Some policies will not allow other drivers or uninsured drivers to drive your vehicle.Never let anyone that isn’t listed on your car insurance policy drive your car unless you have checked with your insurance company to make sure they are covered.You don’t want your friend to get in to an accident and then find out later that the insurance company won’t pay for it.

Remember, if your friend gets in to an accident and it’s her fault, your auto insurance will have to pay for the damages, and your car insurance rates could increase.The more insurance claims you have on your policy the higher premiums you will have to pay.

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Vermont SR-22 Insurance

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I was convicted of a DUI, and I am trying to get my driver’s license reinstated.How long do I need SR-22 insurance for in Vermont?

Vermont state law requires that you maintain SR22 insurance for a period of 3 years in order to have your driver’s license reinstated after getting a DUI.If you let your insurance lapse during your 3 year SR-22 filing period, your driver’s license will be suspended again, and you will have to start your filing period all over again. The SR-22 filing period starts the day your driver’s license is reinstated, not the day you get the DUI or when you become eligible for reinstatement.

Depending on the severity of your DUI offense (first, second, third+) the length of your SR22 filing period could vary, so it is important that you contact the Vermont DMV to find out exactly how long you need to carry SR 22 insurance. Make sure you compare quotes from a few different SR-22 insurance providers before you decide which one to go with or you could end up overpaying.

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Auto Insurance With No Credit Check

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I am looking for a new auto insurance provider. Are there any insurance companies that do not do a credit check?

Every insurance company has different factors that they look at when determining your car insurance premium.  Not every auto insurance company will check your credit history though.  There are some states have regulations that control how much your credit score can affect your insurance rates. It is up to you to do some research and find which companies don’t look at credit as a factor to determine your car insurance rates. 

If you have poor credit and are concerned how this might affect your car insurance premium, don’t worry.  Just keep shopping around until you find the insurance company that offers you the best rates with no credit check.

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Car Insurance Down Payment

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Will I have to make a down payment when I buy my car insurance policy?

Usually car insurance companies will require you to make a down payment when you initially purchase your policy. The only way to avoid this is to pay your auto insurance policy in full at the time you purchase it.  If you decide to make monthly payments instead, you will be required to make some sort of down payment.  Insurance companies do this because they want some sort of payment in order to protect themselves before they start giving you auto insurance coverage. It’s pretty much impossible to find a company that will insure you with no money down.

Make sure you compare quotes from at least 3-5 different car insurance companies so you can make sure you are getting the cheapest rate possible.  When you decide which company to go with you can ask them what your payment options are and what kind of down payment that they will require you to make.

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Auto Insurance Payment Options

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I just purchased a new auto insurance policy. The insurance company gave me the option to either pay my premium up front or to make monthly payments. Which is better?

I don’t think that either way is better than the other because they both have advantages and disadvantages. If you can afford to pay your entire auto insurance premium up front then go for it. Most insurance companies will give you a small discount for paying up front, so that is one benefit. If you do not have the financial means to spend that much money all at one time, then that’s ok. Just stick with making the monthly installment payments. In the end you might pay a little bit more money that way, but you have the convenience of breaking down your large premium in to more affordable monthly payments.

Paying your car insurance premium doesn’t have to be a burden, so select the option that works the best for you and your financial situation.

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Auto Insurance For My Daughter

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My daughter is getting married next month and moving in with her new husband. After she is married can she stay on my car insurance policy?

Once your daughter is married and moves out of your household she will probably not be able to stay on your car insurance policy.  Normally, insurance companies will only cover drivers that actually live in your household with the exception of students that are away at college.  Each state and individual auto insurance company has different rules, so you should check with your current car insurance provider to see what they say.

Most likely your daughter will need to get her own insurance policy with her husband since she will be living at a seperate residence.  Car insurance should be a little bit cheaper for her now that she is married and combining multiple cars on one policy should also help make her insurance more affordable. There are lots of ways to save on your auto insurance, so make sure you tell your daughter to do a bit of research before she decides which car insurance company to go with.

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