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Kentucky DUI Penalties

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What is the penalty for getting a DUI in Kentucky? This is my first offense.

The penalties for a first offense DUI conviction in Kentucky include:

·2-30 days in jail

·$200-$500 fine

·30-120 day driver’s license suspension

·Possible 48 hours – 30 days community service (this can be applied for in lieu of paying a fine and/or jail time)

·90 day alcohol abuse program

If this is your second or third offense, you could face much harsher penalties.You should contact the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet if you have any specific questions about your DUI penalties or driver’s license suspension.

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Cost of DUI insurance in Houston TX

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 Getting DUI insurance in Houston Texas is relatively cheap compared to other states. Actually, you would be surprised. Texas ranks right in the middle in terms of how expensive DUI auto insurance is. While every person is a different case, the average cost for full coverage auto insurance in Houston Texas is $824 per year. Since DUI car insurance tends to increase your rate as much as 55 percent, your cost could be around $1600 per year!

Trying to bypass some of the cost is extremely difficult in the State of Texas, but it can be done. Some companies will offer a small discount for carpooling. Carpooling will save you money on gas, time, and your auto insurance rate will drop. Some other options to think about are riding the bus or taking the park and ride. Doing this will qualify you for a low mileage discount and will lower your auto rate.

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How a DUI Will Raise your Insurance

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How a DUI Will Raise your Insurance

A DUI conviction makes people want to cringe when they hear the term. After being convicted, it is inevitable that your car insurance rates will increase drastically. Statistically there is an alcohol-related traffic fatality in the USA every 29 minutes!  Other than the increased liability of killing yourself while driving under the influence, insurance companies penalize people who are convicted.

Most insurance companies do not check your motor vehicle record every year, instead once every 2-3 is more appropriate. In this case the insurance company will not always catch all tickets, accidents, or DUI convictions. However if your insurance company does find out about a DUI, you bet that your insurance rate will increase.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, how can you lower your insurance rates?  The fastest way to lowering your rates is to compare insurance quotes from different companies at

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