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Cost of DUI insurance in Houston TX

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 Getting DUI insurance in Houston Texas is relatively cheap compared to other states. Actually, you would be surprised. Texas ranks right in the middle in terms of how expensive DUI auto insurance is. While every person is a different case, the average cost for full coverage auto insurance in Houston Texas is $824 per year. Since DUI car insurance tends to increase your rate as much as 55 percent, your cost could be around $1600 per year!

Trying to bypass some of the cost is extremely difficult in the State of Texas, but it can be done. Some companies will offer a small discount for carpooling. Carpooling will save you money on gas, time, and your auto insurance rate will drop. Some other options to think about are riding the bus or taking the park and ride. Doing this will qualify you for a low mileage discount and will lower your auto rate.

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Why is SR22 so expensive?

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I got a DUI and now I have to get SR22 insurance.  Why is SR22 so expensive?

Well, SR22 insurance is very expensive because after getting a DUI, you are considered a high risk driver. Insurance companies determine insurance rates based on your driving record and how “risky” of a driver you appear to be.  After you have gotten a DUI the insurance company sees you as a greater risk to insure. It’s the same concept as if you have been in numerous car accidents. The insurance company is going to jack up your rates because there is a greater chance of you getting in another accident.

All companies are going to charge more for SR22 insurance, so the only thing you can do to save money is to do your research. The more companies you call and the more SR22 quotes you get, the better rate you will get. 

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High-Risk Car Insurance Rates

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Normally people cringe when they hear such words said. High-risk car insurance generally means higher than average car insurance rates. Even though high-risk auto insurance rates are higher, there are some things you can do that will lower your cost instantly.

Some aspects that must be considered beforehand are gender and age. If you are a male driver under the age of 25, the cost of insurance almost doubles in price, depending on which insurance company you choose. At the same time, all teenage drivers are at a greater risk than adult drivers, and people living in an urban area verses a rural will always face higher auto insurance rates.

Depending on how long you have had car insurance will also become another factor. Insurers always like to see a long history of car insurance. Why does this matter? A few reasons, insurers for one thing want to make sure that they will get paid, and do not want to insure someone who will become a liability for them.

It will take time to lower your high-risk car insurance, but for the time being, you can do a few things that will instantly lower your rate. Look into driving an old model car. Also, look into a 4-door model car, insurance companies see 4-door model cars as a family vehicle verses sports car.

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