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I am planning on buying a new car. What can I do to keep the cost of my Florida SR22 insurance down?

Well, when you buy a new car, it is likely that your SR22 insurance premium will go up, especially if the car you are currently driving is an older car that only has liability coverage.  When you finance a new car, you will probably be required to have full coverage auto insurance which is more expensive.

One good thing about buying a new car is that they usually offer very good safety features.  Insurance companies like cars with a lot of safety features, so this will help you get a cheaper SR22 insurance rate.  If you have a decent driving record, your Florida SR22 policy should not go up too much with a new car unless you buy a luxury car like a Mercedes or a Lexus. 

There are a lot of different factors that will determine your auto insurance premium, so it is always a good idea to do some research before you buy a new car to make sure you will be comfortable of the costs associated with it (car payment, gas, insurance, etc.)  I would recommend comparing SR22 insurance quotes from 3-5 different insurance companies to see who offers you the best rate. 

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New Car SR22 Insurance

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I recently bought a new car and I have to do a SR22 insurance filing. Is SR-22 more expensive for a new car? What type of coverage do I need?

Yes, your SR22 insurance premium will go up if you buy a new vehicle. When you buy a new car, chances are that you are going to finance it with a company, and if this is the case, you are required by most states to purchase comprehensive and collision insurance on top of the liability coverage you may already have. This type of coverage is more expensive and is why your SR22 insurance premium is going to go up when you buy a new vehicle.

Also, if your new car is more expensive than your old car, your insurance premium is going to increase regardless of your SR22 filing. For example, if your old car is a 1990 Honda Civic and your new car is a 2008 Lexus, your insurance rates are going to increase dramatically. One way to save money on your SR22 insurance premium is to raise the amount of your deductible. The higher your deductible, the lower your insurance rate will be.

As always, remember to shop around and get as many insurance quotes as possible for your new car. Extensive research and exploring all options are the best ways to save on your SR22 insurance.

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