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How do I go about buying SR22 car insurance in Oregon?

Oregon State Law allows you many options when looking to purchase your SR22 car insurance policy. However, buying SR22 insurance is extremely expensive, but is mandatory in the State of Oregon. When researching your SR22 insurance, make sure that the company is properly licensed to
sell this type of policy.

Another way to file Sr22 in Oregon is to pay your coverage up front in the form of a bond with the DMV. Once you have done this, the State will require you to file some different paper work. The most important thing to remember is providing proof of proper car insurance is essential, and could land you in jail with big fines if you don’t.

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I got a DUI and I live in the state of Oregon.  What exactly is SR22 insurance and am I required by the state to get this type of coverage?  What are the penalties if I choose not to get SR22?

SR-22 insurance is a type of high risk auto insurance policy that is issued by an insurance company and guarantees the state DMV that a person has the minimum insurance coverage required by that state.  A SR22 insurance filing is required for drivers that have received a DUI offense in order to get their license reinstated by the DMV.

According to the Oregon DMV you are required to have your insurance company file a SR-22 certificate with the DMV if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have been convicted of driving without insurance
  • You have been involved in an uninsured accident
  • You have failed to provide proof to the DMV that you have liability insurance
  •  At the time of reinstating your driving privileges following a DUI suspension
  •  You are applying for a hardship or probationary permit

Filing a SR22 certificate provides proof to the DMV that you are insured.  Oregon law requires you to keep a SR-22 in effect for 3 years from the ending date of a suspension which requires an SR-22 or for 3 years and 33 days from the date of a driving uninsured conviction.

If you let it lapse for any reason, the insurance company must notify DMV, and you must get a new SR22 certificate on file within 30 days or your license will be suspended. Compare Sr22 Auto Quotes for free at

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