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Tips for Saving on Student SR22

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I am a college student and I live in Connecticut.  A few months ago I was convicted of a DUI and had to file an SR22 certificate with my DMV.  The premium for my SR22 insurance is very expensive. Is there anything I can do to save on my student SR22 insurance?

Well, as a young person with less driving experience you are going to have to pay more expensive rates than most adults because you are considered high risk. Now that you have an SR22 filing in Connecticut, you premium is going to be even more costly, but don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to try to cut costs on your SR22 insurance and make your payment more bearable.

First, ask your insurance company if they offer any good student discounts. If you have a grade point average of a B or better, most insurance companies will give you a pretty nice discount on your SR22 insurance premium.  Also, if you are away at college and do not have your car out there with you, you might be able to save money that way too.  The less you are driving, the less of a risk you are and the cheaper your SR22 insurance will be.  

Make sure to call your SR22 insurance company and ask them what types of discounts they offer for students. Most insurance companies don’t just want to offer up discount so you have to take charge and ask for them. If you are considering looking for a new insurance company for your SR22 filing, make sure you look around and do a good amount of research. Comparing multiple quotes is the best way to find the cheapest SR22 insurance and there is less of a chance you’ll miss out on a cheaper rate.

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Sr22 Car Insurance for Students

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Is it possible to find cheap SR-22 insurance as a student? If so, where can I find it?

Being a good student with excellent grades will help you lower your SR-22 auto rates drastically. Moshappy drivert insurance companies will give you discounts if you hold a B average or better. Another great way to lower your SR-22 rate is to report how many miles you will be driving your vehicle. If you are only driving a few miles per day, you may be able to lower your rates this way also.

Make sure you get auto insurance quotes from a few different companies. Doing your research is the best way to get the lowest insurance rate possible

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