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I live in Virginia, and I got a DUI. How long am I required to carry SR-22 insurance for?

In the state of Virginia you are required to carry SR22 insurance for a period of 3 years from the effective date of your suspension.If you have had SR 22 insurance for 3 years you should contact the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if you are no longer required to maintain the SR22 filing.

If you are looking for cheap SR-22 insurance make sure you do your research and compare quotes from multiple insurance companies to ensure that you find the best rate possible.Also, make sure you compare quotes once a year before you renew your policy to make sure you are not overpaying for your SR22 insurance policy.

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How Long Do I need an SR22 Filing?

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What exactly is an SR22 filing? How long do I need to file one for?

If you driver’s license has been suspended and you would like to get it reinstated, you must file an SR22 certificate with the DMV in your state.  The SR22 filing shows proof to the DMV that you have the required amount of insurance required by the state to have your license reinstated.  By filing the SR22 certificate, your insurance company agrees to let the DMV know if your SR22 insurance policy lapses for any reason.  If this happens, your license will most likely be suspended again.

How long you must file SR22 insurance depends on a few factors such as what state you live in.  In most states, the required SR22 filing period is usually 3 years.  However, in Texas, the SR22 filing period is only 2 years. Another factor in determining your SR22 filing period is how many times you have been convicted of the same crime, like drunk driving. The more DUI offenses you have, the longer you’re filing period will be and the higher the consequences.  

Contact your local DMV if you would like to know more SR22 requirements that are specific to your state. If you are interested in getting the cheapest SR22 insurance possible, you can:

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DMV SR22 Costs

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What fees and fines do I have to pay the DMV when I file for SR22 insurance after getting a DUI?

How much DMV SR22 costs will depend on the state that you will be filing in. Some of the fees that will need to be paid are the fees and fines for reinstating your drivers’ license. In order to keep your costs down, make sure that you only pay these fees one time. The trick to doing this is to always pay your current SR22 policy on time and to make sure that it never expires during the penalty period.

For instance, your policy could expire or lapse if you decide not to pay for your SR22 policy on time. If this happens, the insurance company will send an SR-26 form to the DMV, which cancels out your SR22 insurance. In order to get your insurance back, you will have to pay all of the fees and fines to get your drivers license back, and pay another charge to the auto insurance company to re-file your SR22 paper work.

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SR22 filing period

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How long will my SR22 filing period last?

The answer to your question is simple. It depends on which state you are filing for because different states have different filing periods. For example, in the State of Texas the SR22 Filing Period is two years, where in other states it could range from three to five years for a DUI offense.

However, there are other factors that can influence your filing period. How many times have you been convicted of the crime? If you where convicted of a drunk driving crime twice, then your filing period will be extended in order to increase punishment. If this continues, the state will eventually just take away your license and you will be forced to pay large fines.

Please contact your local DMW to find out the exact laws for your state.

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