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I live in Illinois, and I got a DUI. Do I still have to file an SR22 if I only drive 1 or 2 days a week or less?

Yes, you have to file an SR22 certificate with your insurance company if you would like to have your driver’s license reinstated.  You cannot legally drive at all (not even 1 or 2 days a week) unless you have a valid driver’s license, so you don’t really have any other option but filing for SR22 insurance if you got a DUI and had your license suspended.

If you are worried about the cost of your Illinois SR22 insurance, there are a couple things you can do to get a lower rate.  First, if you only plan on driving 1 or 2 days a week, your auto insurance company will probably give you a discount for your low mileage.  Insurance companies base your rate off of how risky of a driver you are, and the fewer miles you drive per year, the less of a risk you are.

Make sure you compare quotes from a few different SR22 insurance companies to make sure you are getting the cheapest rate.

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Illinois-How Can my SR22 Policy be Cancelled?

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What are some things that would cause my auto insurance company to cancel my Illinois SR22 policy?

Here are a few reasons that your insurance company would terminate your SR22 insurance:

1)    Getting another DUI: If, during your SR22 filing period, you get another DUI, your insurance company may decide to terminate your SR22 policy. Your insurance company many also decide to cancel your policy if you get into numerous accidents or get multiple traffic tickets.

2)    Missing or late payments: If you miss a payment for your SR22 insurance premium, your insurance company could suspend your policy.  Also, if you are consistently late making your monthly payment, the insurance company might decide to cancel your policy. To avoid this and the hassle that goes along with it, make sure you do everything you can to pay your SR22 insurance on time.

3)    Violating the terms of your policy: If you do anything that violates the terms of your SR22 policy, your insurance company can immediately cancel your policy.  It is important that you know all of the terms of your insurance agreement.

If you avoid doing any of these things, then your insurance company will most likely never have a reason to cancel your SR22 filing and insurance. 

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