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Teen Car Insurance in Michigan

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My 16 year old son was pulled over and got an MIP in Michigan.  Will our car insurance rates increase?

Well, that really depends on your auto insurance company.  Most insurance providers consider teenage drivers as high risk drivers because of their lack of driving experience, and your son getting an MIP will not help things.  The Michigan DMV will most likely suspend your son’s driver’s license, so paying for car insurance might not be your biggest problem. If he does get to keep his license your insurance company could still choose to drop him from your insurance policy if they feel he is too much of a risk to insure.

You can pretty much expect to see a large increase in your auto insurance premium.  It’s impossible to give you an exact dollar amount because every insurance company is different. You definitely need to contact your insurance company as well as the Michigan DMV to get everything straightened out with your son’s MIP charges.  

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Colorado SR22 Insurance and a Teen Driver

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I have Colorado SR22 insurance and my 16 year old daughter is about to start driving.  I am worried about the cost of my auto insurance with the SR22 filing and a teen driver on the policy. What can I do to make my auto insurance premium more affordable? 

I know that the cost of SR22 insurance alone is pretty high, and adding a teen driver to your policy is going to make it even worse.  There are a couple things you can do to find a cheaper auto insurance rate and hopefully make your monthly payment a little more bearable.  Since you have a Colorado SR22 filing, you are going to be seen as more of a high risk driver, so it is important that you keep your driving record clean from now on.  The longer you go without a ticket or an accident, the cheaper your SR22 insurance will be. 

The key to finding cheap auto insurance for a teen driver is getting them the right kind of car to drive.  The type of vehicle is a huge factor in determining how much your teen’s auto insurance will cost. Here are a few tips for choosing the right kind of car for a young driver. I always recommend a car that is 5-7 years old. You don’t want to insure a teen on a new car because the insurance company is going to charge you outrageous prices, and you don’t want a car that is too old with no safety features such as airbags.  You also don’t want a car that is too small and light or a giant SUV.  SUVs have a tendency to roll if driven too fast around corners and they also cause more damage in an accident which costs the insurance company more to fix.  Even though your teen might not like it, it would probably be the most economic choice to have them drive a minivan or a large 4 door sedan. You can check out a list of the best cars to insure a teen on Here

If you want to get an idea of how much insurance will cost you for different types of vehicles, just compare a few quotes online.  Online auto insurance quotes only take a few minutes to complete and will give you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay to insure different cars.

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Cheap Cars for Teens to Drive

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What are the cheapest cars to insure a 16 year old driver?

Auto insurance can be very expensive for a teen driver, but finding the right car can make it much more affordable. Here is a list of cars that are cheaper to insure a teen driver:

Buick LeSabre

Mercury Grand Marquis

Oldsmobile Silhouette

Honda Odyssey

Volvo S40 4dr Sedan

Saturn ION 1 4dr Sedan

Dodge Caravan SE 4dr Minivan

Oldsmobile Bravada

Buick Century

Saturn L300 1 4dr Sedan

There are a lot of different options out there for teen drivers, so make sure you do plenty of research. Compare quotes from a few different insurance companies and for a few different kinds of cars, and you will have much more of a chance at finding cheap teen auto insurance.

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Teen SR22 Insurance – Good Student Discount

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Can getting good grades help lower my Ohio SR22 insurance premium?

Yes, having a good GPA or good grades in school will definitely help get you a cheaper SR22 insurance rate. Insurance companies refer to this and the good student discount, and most companies require at least a B average or better in order for you to qualify for this discount. Good students are seen as more responsible and less likely to get in to accidents or to receive speeding tickets. Teen SR22 insurance is not cheap and the good student discount is a great way to help make your premium more affordable.

The insurance company will usually ask you what your grades are to see if you qualify for the discount and will require you to show them proof of your grades by sending in a copy of your report card. If you are looking to save on your Ohio SR22 insurance the good student discount is one of the best ways to do it.

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Teen SR22 Insurance for a Sports Car

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Why is my teenager’s SR22 insurance more expensive for a sports car?

Insurance is already expensive enough for a teen driver, especially if they have an SR22 filing. Insurance companies charge more to insure a teenager driving a sports car because statistics show that young drivers in fast, sporty cars are more likely to drive irresponsibly. They are more likely to get in to accidents and get tickets if they are driving a high performance sports car. Insurance is based on risk and an inexperienced driver in a sports car is considered high risk.

It is never a good idea to have your teen driving a sports car unless you want to pay outrageous SR22 insurance prices. The more expensive the car, the more expensive your SR22 insurance is going to be. You might want to reconsider the type of car your teen is going to be driving. A slower, more economical car is safer for them and must more affordable to insure.

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Teen Auto Insurance Rules

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I just turned 16 and got my driver’s license. Do my parent’s have to add me to their policy if I drive one of their cars that already has insurance?

Teen driver insurance can be very pricey, so I understand why you want to avoid paying high dollar for insurance if you don’t have to. Unfortunately the answer is yes, since you live in your parent’s household, your parents are usually required by the insurance company to add you to their policy even if the car you are driving already has insurance. In most cases, people are allowed to drive other people’s cars while being covered under their insurance, but this is not the case for people living in the same household.

Let’s say you are driving your parent’s car without being on the insurance and you get in to an accident. The insurance company will probably come back to you and say that they will not cover you because you were not on the policy and you live together. I believe that this is a rule set by the insurance companies, not by the state. I would call your parent’s insurance company just to make sure what their rules are regarding your situation. You might find an insurance company that doesn’t require you to be added to your parent’s insurance, but I highly doubt it.

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Ohio Teen Auto Insurance

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My son just turned 16, and I was wondering what I can do to get cheap insurance in Ohio for my teenager? What type of car is the cheapest to insure for a young driver?

For a teen driver, I would avoid actually buying and financing a new vehicle.  Insurance for a brand new vehicle is always going to be more expensive, especially for a new driver.  Also, when you finance a car, you are required to carry full coverage insurance which is also more expensive.  Teenagers have a higher risk of getting in an accident due to their inexperience at driving, so it’s never really a good idea to spend a lot of money on a new car for them.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you also don’t want to have your teenage son driving a car that is too old. Cars that are more than 10 years old don’t always have up to date safety features, so it can be risky if your son gets in to an accident. The best car to get is something that is anywhere from 5-8 years old and has good safety features in it.  Also, avoid getting your son a sports car because your insurance rates will be through the roof.  Make sure you ask your insurance company about the good student discount (B average or better) and see if he qualifies.

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What is SR22 for Teens?

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My teenage son got a DUI last month, and I have been told that I need to file an SR22. What exactly is an SR22 for teens and how much does it cost?

An SR22 is a certificate that you file with your insurance company and local DMV that proves that you have the state required minimum amount of insurance coverage.  You are required to file an SR22 for your teenager in order to have his driver’s license reinstated after getting a DUI.  The SR22 filing mandates that your auto insurance company notify the DMV immediately if there is any lapse in your SR22 insurance policy.

Teen SR22 insurance can be pretty expensive because your son is considered a high risk driver. There are a few things you can do to make this cost more bearable though.  The key is finding the right kind of car for your son, something that is economical and has adequate safety features. Stay away from luxury cars and sports cars because the auto insurance on those types of cars is outrageous. Also, check with your insurance company to see if they offer any student discounts.

Shop for quotes online and try to do as much research as possible to find the best SR22 rate for your son.  If you are interested in comparing quotes online for free, check out the site below:

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Save on Teen Driver Insurance

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What can I do to save money on auto insurance for my teen driver?

Well, auto insurance for teenage drivers is always going to be higher than for an adult because teens are considered to be higher risk drivers.  Their lack of driving experience and higher accident statistics can cause some insurance companies to charge outrageous insurance premiums.  Don’t worry though!  There are some things you can do to make your teen’s auto insurance more affordable:

1.    Use an inexpensive car.  The cheaper the car your teen is driving, the lower the insurance premium will be.  An older, economical car is the best way to go.  Stay away from luxury cars and sports cars because the teen insurance will be insane for those types of vehicles.

2.    Enroll your teen in a defensive driving course.  This will help your teen become a better driver and encourage your insurance company to lower your rate.

3.    Make sure your teen is driving a car that is equipped with lots of safety features such as airbags.  The insurance business is all about risk, so you want to make your teen’s driving experience as safe as possible.

4.    Is your teen a good student? Most auto insurance companies will give you a good student discount if your student makes As and Bs.

5.    Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. There are some insurance companies that specialize in teen driver insurance, so getting as many quotes as possible will increase your chances of getting a lower rate.

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