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Tips for Saving on Your Auto Insurance

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What can I do to save money on my auto insurance?

1) Get quotes from at least 3 different companies. Compare prices and services to find the best rate.

2) Before purchasing a car, research on if the car has a high accident or theft rate.

3) See if you can get a good deal by purchasing your home, auto, and any other insurance from the same company.

4) Increasing your deductible will increase the premium you pay.

5) Consider dropping collision insurance as your car ages. At one point your car’s repairs will become greater than the worth of your car so you might not want to insure it anymore.

6) Drive safely. A good driving record will lower your rates.

7) Check to see if you qualify for discounts such as:

*Good Driver

*Anti-lock brakes discount

*Restricted mileage discount

*Air bags discount

*Anti theft systems discount

*Good student discount

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Female Car Insurance Quote Online

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I just applied for a car insurance quote online for a female and it seems very high, how can I lower or find a cheap rate quote for a female driver.

There are many factors involved in getting an auto insurance quote for a female. The auto insurance company looks at several things to determine your insurance price. Sometimes they run your credit to see if you pay your bills on time, this could effect what you pay drastically! Statistics have shown that people who pay their bills on time have fewer claims than people who don’t. Also, companies look at driving record history, and how long you have been covered under previous auto insurance policies.

Most people over look this one important fact, how new is your car, and how expensive is it? The year model and the price of the vehicle will directly effect your payment. The more expensive your car, the more it will cost to replace parts, and the same goes for a newer car. If you have purchased a new car recently, check to see if there are any additional safety features that have been added on to the car, because companies could lower your monthly payment if you have additional safety equipment on your vehicle.

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Comparing Sr22 Insurance Rates

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Comparing Sr22 Insurance Rates

Readers Question: When my sr22 policy expires, should I compare my Sr22 insurance with other sr22 companies?

Yes, because SR22 insurance is considered a high risk type of insurance, the cost will always be higher. Comparing your current rate with other auto insurance companies that offer SR22 will always benefit you! The quickest way to start comparing your rates is by going to will enter the zip code that you currently live in, and then the website will find a list of Sr22 insurance companies that not only offer high risk insurance, but will fight to get you the lowest rate possible. This type of insurance shopping is commonly known as “Comparing Sr22 Quotes Online”. This will put you back into the drivers’ seat for an affordable price, and gives you the advantage to getting the lowest rate possible.

Tips on Lowering Auto Insurance

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Tips on Lowering Auto Insurance

The video below gives great insider tips on how to lower auto insurance rates through, good driving history, establishing a good relationship with your insurance agent, vehicle safety equipment, type of car your driving, etc.

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