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How Long Do I need an SR22 Filing?

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What exactly is an SR22 filing? How long do I need to file one for?

If you driver’s license has been suspended and you would like to get it reinstated, you must file an SR22 certificate with the DMV in your state.  The SR22 filing shows proof to the DMV that you have the required amount of insurance required by the state to have your license reinstated.  By filing the SR22 certificate, your insurance company agrees to let the DMV know if your SR22 insurance policy lapses for any reason.  If this happens, your license will most likely be suspended again.

How long you must file SR22 insurance depends on a few factors such as what state you live in.  In most states, the required SR22 filing period is usually 3 years.  However, in Texas, the SR22 filing period is only 2 years. Another factor in determining your SR22 filing period is how many times you have been convicted of the same crime, like drunk driving. The more DUI offenses you have, the longer you’re filing period will be and the higher the consequences.  

Contact your local DMV if you would like to know more SR22 requirements that are specific to your state. If you are interested in getting the cheapest SR22 insurance possible, you can:

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